I look at you
you walk away
life has cut you loose
You used to march
through swamps of barren fields
to find the good
to try to wield
to fight a war
of fewer chances
blackburnt the past
no coward glances
You braved the tides of troubled days
steering to light
challenging haze
you were our captain ever strong
We thought you´d stay forever young
You were the lighthouse of our youth
You were the teacher of our truth
Your swinging step now is no more
your body weak
your soul too sore
You were so strong
You felt no fear
Determination was your gear
You´re getting smaller
Your voice is broken
You´ve turned to silence
´t is now your token
Please have no worry
I hear you still
much better than before
I hear you speak inside my heart
the words of your eternal love
Your final battle lies ahead
You will not settle
ignore the dread
I will not feel
not ever more
a love so deep
a love to core
Where will you go?
I need to know
I wanna come with you
Don´t leave me here
It is too soon
Let‘s sit together
watch the moon
I want to see your face
the twinkle in your eye
one thousand things for us to do
before you die
I need you still
don‘t say farewell
cause if you do
I´ll be in hell
You‘re time is up
I look at you
My heart is now in pieces
Don‘t go alone
Don’t leave me here
Don´t go without me
to the other sphere
I give you all my heart
I give you all my love
I´ll be right there with you
in the beyond and the above
On your most final journey
you will not be alone
I´ll hold your hand
I´ll hold you strong
I´ll bring you to the gate
You fly away to fate