It was the first day of october
it was the month of gold and ocker
You had that daring little smile
You were a girl Italian style
It was the time of our beginnings
of new adventures right ahead
of nonchalance in every moment
and painted lips in brightly red
We rode the waves of docile waters
for we were both our mothers´daughters
Back in the days we did not know
that what was us was yet to show
We had to jump out of the boat
and took the other hidden road
We dove into the unknown cold
to fight away the killing mould
picked up our soul out of the gutter
threw away the superficial clutter
With hesitation in our pocket
we wandered long to search the way
we traveled with determination
our heads together oft we lay
We played the game of earnest living
We played the game of right and wrong
We wanted to create this music
and play it to our freedom song
Our lighter years have now gone by
but we still laugh until we cry
Farewell will come too soon for sure
but love for us was always pure
And then the DJ plays our tune
while we dance naked on the moon